- Meeting Format -

New Business Network is aimed at new businesses, those new to the area or any wishing to re-launch their business. We offer a friendly, supportive environment for new and established businesses to develop business, make new contacts and useful introductions.

Our networking events run to the following format:

Arrival: on arrival there’s tea & coffee available, and open networking is encouraged before we take a seat for more formal introductions

Welcome & introductions: this is when you’ll get the opportunity to tell the group about you and your business – we expect each attendee to take around 2 or 3 minutes but we certainly won’t be timing you or sounding a buzzer after 60 seconds!

An opportunity to exchange business cards

Refreshment break: open networking is encouraged during the break, once you’ve heard from everybody you might find you have a particular question to ask of somebody, go for it, we’re a friendly bunch!

The Business Focus of the meeting: this will give a business around half hour in the meeting to focus on their business, the idea being that everyone tries to help that business on the day after listening to a presentation, and having a Q&A to build a list of potential introductions, and possible ideas for the growth of that business.

Tips, feedback and business exchanged – business tips or ideas, an opportunity to thank anyone for business, or any contacts that have proved valuable. People in the room that they would like to meet with.